Ruh-Roh… Violence in Iraq Drops Below Pre-Golden Mosque Bombing Levels

More good news for Iraqi and American Forces…
And, bad news for Al Qaeda and Democrats.

Iraqi and US forces have detained a man they believe received 100 million dollars this summer from Al-Qaeda sympathisers to hand out for “terrorist” operations in Iraq, the US military said Thursday –AFP.

Iraq’s Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi (R) distributes a cash bonus for newly married couples during a ceremony in Baghdad October 2, 2007. Iraq is offering a cash bonus to married Iraqi couples from different sectarian groups in a drive to heal rifts between communities and foster reconciliation. At a ceremony in Baghdad to launch the new initiative on Tuesday, 250 recently married couples from across Iraq accepted awards from Sunni Arab vice President Tareq al-Hashemi. Those in mixed marriages received $1,500. (REUTERS/Mahmoud Raouf Mahmoud)

Iraqi violence has dropped below the pre-Golden Mosque bombing levels!


All Things Conservative and DefenseLink reported this news on Wednesday:

“Violence throughout the country has dropped to a level not even seen before the first bombing of the Golden Mosque in 2006,” he continued. “Last week, we saw a slight rise in attacks as al Qaeda attempted its own Ramadan surge, but for the large part, Iraqi security forces, as well as coalition forces, were successful in interdicting most of them.”

In past years, Ramadan meant extremist attacks, the general said. Not so this year. “Attacks have decreased, and signs of normalcy across Iraq are starting to appear,” he said.

In related news… Kuwait says it will not accept a divided Iraq and wants the US to stay in Iraq until the country is stable.

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