Rioting Continues in Western Amsterdam

After the shooting death of a knife-wielding Moroccan youth at a police station, local residents in Western Amsterdam have torched cars and rioted each night this week.

The Moroccan youth, Bilal Bajaka, an associate of the Hofstad terrorist gang, was shot dead after he attacked two police officers inside an Amsterdam police station with a knife on Sunday.

HERE is a short Dutch video of the latest torchings.

Outside the police station things were heated after the young Moroccan youth and knife attacker was shot dead by the female police officer. (Telegraaf)


The Earthtimes reported today that the torchings continued last night:

Amsterdam – Unidentified young people set another car on fire in the night from Thursday to Friday during the fourth consecutive night of riots in Amsterdam’s Slotervaart neighbourhood. The rioting was substantially less than the previous night. No arrests were made but police remained on high alert.

The unrest began after two violent incidents took place in Slotervaart, in the western part of Amsterdam, last week. Both times young Moroccan Dutch were involved.

In the latest incident on October 14, 22-year-old Bilal Bajaka attacked two police officers at a police station with a knife. One of them pulled her gun and shot her attacker, who died on the spot.

Blogger Klein Verzet has several updates on the continuing violence including this:

Last evening the police for the first time arrest 8 “youths” preventively (Update: five of them are already released as I write this). Three of them were caught in a car full of jerry cans filled with gasoline. Thus today the Moroccan organizations started to complain and said they are worried about proposals for tougher action and repression… I’m not joking, after car burnings in support of the Jihad, they still dare not to ask for the restoration of order but to demand more money!

Myrtus has a much different feel about these torchings.

Muslim Youths Riot–Torch Cars–Attack Dutch Police Station!

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