Peter Paul Case Against Bill Clinton Will Proceed!!

The Peter Paul Case against Former President Bill Clinton will proceed!
** Hillary will likely be called to testify!! **

The official portrait of the Clintons and the Pauls the night of August 12, 2000, when the Clintons agreed to work with Peter Paul as soon as Bill Clinton left the White House in January, 2001. (Via Hillary Truth)

** Do you believe this story would be buried like this if President Bush were involved?
** Imagine if this trial were proceeding against Bush!

Suzie at Assorted Babble has the latest on th Peter Paul trial against Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Here is a bit of the report on the trial from CNS News:


A California court ruled Tuesday that Hillary Clinton will not be a defendant in a fraud lawsuit brought by Hollywood mogul Peter Paul, who claimed the Clintons destroyed his business after he raised millions for her first Senate campaign in 2000. But she could still be a material witness and be required to testify about what she knew concerning alleged illegal campaign fundraising…

However, Paul’s lawsuit is still in play against the senator’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, the Clintons’ business associate Jim Levin, and Hollywood producer Gary Smith, who were all involved in a Hollywood fundraiser, orchestrated by Paul, for Sen. Clinton’s first Senate run in 2000.

…In April, Paul obtained a videotape that showed the former first lady helping to plan the event, which Paul said would constitute an illegal in-kind contribution. Cybercast News Service first reported the existence of the tape in April.

Patterico notes that Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial lawyer David Kendall is representing Hillary in the California lawsuit and more.

October 18, 2007 – ** The Hillary Uncensored trailer was again the most-watched video on Google on October 16 with 108,679 views, up from 73,455 the day before.

August 18, 2000: Three days after telling the Washington Post that Peter Paul made no contribution to the August 12, 2000 Gala and that her campaign would not accept contributions from him, Hillary sent this letter to ensure Paul would not contradict her false story to the Post. (Hillcap)

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UPDATE: “HILLARY UNCENSORED” the documentary is tentatively scheduled to be shown at Dartmouth on Saturday, Oct. 27, at 2pm.

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