Pete Stark Gets A Little Wonky- Apologizes For Ugly Rant

Some racist blog known for painting Joe Lieberman in blackface rushed to the defend Crooks and Liars and their crazy lie on Rep. Pete Stark’s outrageous attacks on the troops (blowing up innocent people), and on President Bush (get enough kids to grow old enough for you to send to Iraq to get their heads blown off for President’s amusement).

On Friday, Crooks and Liars ran a video of Pete Stark’s from-the-hip remarks regarding the Bush Administration’s hard line in the War on Children. Mr. Amato included both a poll and a video clip. The new poll features is still a little wonky and somehow the combined code lines for the clip and the poll feature caused a section of the transcript of Stark’s statement to get dropped from the resulting post.

Enter some wahoo called the Gateway Pundit, who takes it upon himself to accuse C&L of engaging in a cover-up by not producing a transcript of the full video. (”It’s a liberal trick to make you think Stark didn’t say what he actually said!”) And then of course, Charles Johnson had to leap on board to bring his vast skills as a typographer and expert on PhotoShop kerning to bear on the issue.

The poll made Crooks and Liars get a “little wonky” and they deleted half his talk.
It happens all of the time.

Anyway, somebody else got “a little wonky” today…
Rep. Pete Stark apologized today for his ugly rant on the House Floor.
Here again is Democrat Stark supporting the troops:

What filth.
It may be OK discourse for a filthy nutroot website but it doesn’t play too well with the public.
Pelosi saw that much.


Oh, and for the record, the nutroots are upset that Stark apologized.

196 Democrats in the House voted today that Stark’s rant last week was appropriate.

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