Palestinian Cartoon- "Allah, Kill Americans"

“Scatter them and turn their wives into widows.”

Palestinian Media Watch posted today’s cartoon from the “moderate” Fatah Party paper:

The Palestinian Authority (Fatah) daily newspaper’s political cartoon today illustrated a prayer for the killing of Americans. A Muslim is shown kneeling in prayer facing a US B-2 Stealth Bomber. The words of his prayer are encased in missiles aimed at Americans:

“Allah, scatter them!”
“And turn their wives into widows!”
“And turn their children into orphans!”
“And give us victory over them!”

This curse for the death of Americans is a special prayer for Al-Qadr Night (the 27 th day of Ramadan, noted in the corner of the cartoon), when Muslims customarily pray in mosques throughout the night.

Jeff Emanuel says it’s an F-117 Stealth Fighter in the cartoon.

NOTE: This is the same “moderate faction” that the US is planning on holding peace talks with in November.

Palestinian Media Watch also published a report on Palestinian textbooks that is just as shocking.

MORE… A Palestinian rights group raps both of the factions.

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