NYT Snuffs Out Jawa Report Investigation

Dr. Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report reported today that The New York Times has busted up another terror investigation:

“Inshallashshaheed Outed: North Carolina Jihadi in the News (UPDATED)”

It’s an amazing post on how The New York Times has leaked the name of Inshallashaheed, an Al Qaeda supporting blogger who “The Jawa Report” and the government have been investigating for over a year.


Rusty was specifically asked by more than one FBI agent, and on more than one occasion, not to publicly identify Inshallahshaheed as Samir Khan. But, the NYT went ahead and outed him today anyway.

It looks like this story has a few radical Islamists concerned as they are linking to The Jawa Report’s post on Inshallashshaheed:
The Islamic Awakening website is on to Zionist/neocon Jawa Report:

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Here are a couple of comments on the radical Islamist website:
Comment #15:


you can either say that, or you can say that since he was already exposed, he thought it best that he try to speak what he thinks is the truth. At any cost, these are not the only types of Muslims that may turn up as spies, and if you think about it, they are the least in number.

Also, the brother, although i do not always agree with his personal views, is doing more than many others for the cause of Jihad in the west.

Comment #18:

A radical Zionist/neocon blog called “The Jawa Report” has a lot of stuff about the mysterious Samir Khan, also known as “inshallahshaheed.” Reading this kind of stuff makes the hair on my back stand up.
“There is no nobility in anyone who lacks faith.” – ibn Hazm

It looks like the Zionist/necons at The Jawa Report have ticked a few people off.

UPDATE: Brother Mujahid at Islamic Awakening responds:

Well, it just so happens that this blogger was to lazy to consider the context of my post. If he had done his research he’d know I have opposed the takfiri ideology of the so-called “inshallahshaheed” and that I’m not “ticked off” about what the Jawa Report posted, rather I just thought it errie that they could find out that much personal information on someone.

As for my “concern”, yes I am concerned that this kid will go to jail because of his delusions of grandeur and his big mouth and thus throw his life away for nothing. Other then that, I have no concerns of the kind the lazy and disingenuous Gateway Pundit assumes.

Whatever, kuffir.

UPDATE 2: Brother Mujahid at Islamic Awakening continues:

Well, it would appear this blogger is not capable of anything beyond obnoxious attempted sarcasm and emotional rantings. He is the neocon flip side of the coin that includes the “inshallahshaheed” takfiri crowd it would seem.

Mr. “Gateway Pundit”, if you want to quote me in the future, please get my views right and don’t just make assumptions because you are too lazy to bother finding out the context of my postings. If something is not clear to you, then ask me, as I am always open to a civil discourse and honest debate. Acting like an immature and over-emotional ranter only makes you look bad.

Fine, then!… Durka, Durka, Mohammad, Jihad.

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