MUSLIM GROUP Announces Support For Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week

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Muslims Against Sharia announced their support for Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. They released a statement congratulating the Freedom Center and the many speakers on the success of the Islamofascism Awareness Week.

After much deliberation Muslims Against Sharia announced their first Dhimmi Award for IslamoFascism Awareness Week:

As a part of “Islamofascism Awareness Week”, Nonie Darwish spoke at U.C. Berkeley on October 22. As usual, Islamofascists and their Dhimmi supporters have shown their unwavering resolve to crush any type of dissent. One the members of the “Students for Justice in Palestine” claimed that the purpose of the “Islamofascism Awareness Week” is to reinvigorate anti-Muslim and anti-Arab campaign.

Given the fact that the speaker, Nonie Darwish, is both Muslim by birth and Arab it truly shows the depth of brainwashing on campus.

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