It looks like the surge is working…

The violent deaths in September were about half of what they were in August. (Brookings)

The number of violent deaths in Iraq plunged to the lowest level this year in September.
The BBC reported:

The number of Iraqi civilians killed per month in bombings and shootings has fallen to the lowest level this year, the Iraqi government says.

In September, 884 civilians were killed by violence, less than half the figure for August, the government said.

The BBC’s Jon Brain in Baghdad says the figures suggest the so-called surge involving 30,000 extra US troops is having some success.

September also saw the lowest number of US troops killed for more than a year.

There were 62 US military fatalities – the fewest in a single month since July 2006.

The troop surge and accompanying security crackdown is designed to give Iraq’s politicians breathing space to achieve reconciliation between the country’s rival factions.

This follows yesterday’s good news on Ramadan violence and US deaths.


John Wixted is tracking the numbers HERE and HERE.

UPDATE: And, even Al-Qaeda in Iraq is begging for mercy.

AJ Strata says the democratic plan would have allowed more deaths.

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