George W. Bush Will Pass On His Good Works

Somewhere along the way, the news quit being the news. And, for some reason it was taken over by dishonest sneering liberals.

Notorious AP Leftist Jennifer Loven bests herself:

Analysis: Bush to Pass on His Problems

Over and over, President Bush confidently promised to “solve problems, not pass them on to future presidents and future generations.” As the clock runs out on his eight-year presidency, a tall stack of troubles remain and Bush’s words ring hollow.

Hollow words, indeed!
… and biased as usual.


Here’s a list of the few notable accomplishments Loven missed. Don’t EVER expect to see this list in any mainstream publication:

* Economic surge that is more robust than during the Clinton administration
* Reduction in violent crimes from previous administration
* Cut down on record corruption from Clinton Administration
* Lower unemployment rates than during the Clinton years
* Higher growth of investments than during the Clinton years
* Tax cuts!
* Record stock market gains
* Slowed the outrageous CEO salary gains from the Clinton years
* Fewer miner deaths
* Record gains for minorities
* Led the country courageously after 9-11 attacks
* Stopped the consistent string of terror attacks against America allowed during previous administration
* Hundreds of terror attacks thwarted against US
* Tougher laws for corporate fraud
* Kept terrorists running
* Survived national security leaks
* Real After-Tax Income Has Risen By 13.8 Percent Since January 2001. Real after-tax income has risen by $2,398 (8.2 percent) per person since January 2001.
* Liberated 25 million in Iraq from the world’s most horrible tyrant
* Democratized Iraq
* Liberated 29,000,000 in Afghanistan from world’s most oppressive regime -Taliban
* Closed the rape rooms in Iraq
* Closed down the most corrupt financial program in history- the Oil for Food Program
* Democratized Afghanistan
* Nuclear agreement with North Korea
* Helped establish democracy in Lebanon
* Killed or captured a majority of the Al-Qaeda leadership
* Killed 19,000 terrorists or insurgents in Iraq
* Lost fewer soldiers in Iraq than the Clintons did during peacetime
* Fewer soldier suicides than during Clinton years
* Because Bush went ahead with “The Surge”- future Americans will not need to go back to Iraq!

These are just a few of the major accomplishments during the Bush years that AP writer Loven will not report on.
Democratic Revolutionaries like George W. Bush do not come along very often.
It is a pity.
The suffering people of Burma, Iran, Belarus, Syria, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and Cuba will surely miss him.

UPDATE: DANEgerus adds:

* Exposed France, Russia & the UN’s neo-colonialist support of genocidal tyrant Saddam
* Exposed Pakistan’s AQKhan nuclear proliferation network
* Exposed and closed Libya’s WMD program
* Exposed and shutdown North Korea’s nuclear program
* Exposed and confronted Syria and Iran for their support of terrorism and WMD proliferation.

UPDATE 2: Jody adds:

* Reduced Greenhouse gases (Per Capita) versus Europe and othe industrialized countries.
* Reduced real pollution.
* Increased funding for Aids in Africa and worldwide
* Stopped the takeover of Somalia by the Islamic Courts
* Found ways to open the possibility of constructing the first Nuclear Power plant in the U.S. in over 30 years.
* Maintained Pakistan as an ally while cooling tensions with India, while fighting terrorists and helping create an atmosphere to open new Democratic elections there for the first time in years.
* Called Darfur a Genocide and challenged the world to stand and do something without depending on the U.S. to take care of it. They passed, when they could have done something while the U.S. was engaged in many other areas, as the record will show.
* Strengthened ties with India, Australia and Japan as a counter to Chinese growth in influence
* Held at bay many hot spots for future terrorist havens like the Horn of Africa and Indonesia through proactive counter terrorist training of foreign armies
* Helped expose, for all open eyed people to see, the absolute leftist ideology that dominates the world press.
* Helped expose the Anti-Israel/American U.N.
* Created the Strategic Defense Initiative which landed Libya’s nuclear program and may have helped identify the Nuclear project in Syria.
* Created the largest coalition of nations in history to fight terrorism worldwide.
* Created financial surveillance programs, later exposed by the NYT, that helped stop terrorist financing.
* The most important accomplishment of this administration has been to stay strong through extremely harsh political attacks that resulted in Sunni Iraqi’s choosing the U.S. over the Alqaeda agenda of ruthless bloodshed and domination resulting in another oppressive Taliban like existence. This will have more lasting effects on our enemy than any other event but it might take a few years to sink in.

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