First Protester Ejected at UC Berkeley

Andrew Marcus is filming the wing-ding at UC Berkeley.
Megan Sego blogging at California Patriot is blogging from inside.
We have more updates at Incorrect U.

Update: Nonie Darwish is constantly being interrupted at UC Berkeley.
Two people from the audience almost came to blows!
– They were both escourted from the building by the police who are filming the event this evening.
– Andrew Marcus is outside the event interviewing a woman who says that Iran is a fascist state that is partially free. Huh?
– As campus police were escourting the disruptive students from the room the young Leftists in the crowd were chanting, you guessed it… “Let him go! Let him go!”

This is an image of the first protester ejected (Yeah!) from the Nonie Darwish event at UC Berkeley. Couldn’t tell you what he was saying because he was spouting like a fanatic through a mask. Oh well.

More at Incorrect University where Andrew Marcus is planted inside.
(Updated and Bumped)

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