Finally, Iraqi Politicians Find Reason to Come Together– Joe Biden

“I believe the war at this stage can only be won diplomatically, politically and economically… The Iraq War is lost.”

Majority Leader Harry Reid
Democratic Senator from Nevada
April 19, 2007

Well, Iraqis finally found a reason to come together politically–
Insulting legislation by Democrat Joe Biden to split Iraq up into three states.

Genius Joe Biden pi$$ed off all the Iraqis so much they called a special meeting to condemn his legislation.

Voices of Iraq reported that Iraqi Politicians will meet on Tuesday to reject the “insolent” resolution and issue a statement against the resolution passed by the Harry Reid-led Democratic Senate.


Baghdad, Oct 1, (VOI) – The Iraqi parliament will debate in its ordinary session on Tuesday the reply to the U.S. Congress resolution on the division of Iraq into three Shiite, Kurdish and Sunni entities, parliamentary sources said on Monday.

“The debate about a reply to the U.S. Senate resolution on the division of Iraq will be of top priority in Tuesday’s session,” Dr. Hanin al-Qadou, a legislator from the Shiite Unified Iraqi Coalition (UIC), told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI).

He expected the reply to be in “the form of a statement by the Iraqi parliament on this issue in view of the fact that enacting a legislation could take a long time.”
He pointed out that the matter does not even require enacting a law because the content of the American resolution flagrantly interfered in Iraq’s internal affairs, let alone its violation of the Iraqi constitution.

Qadou noted that the Iraqi constitution guarantees the country’s “territorial integrity and national sovereignty,” adding the Congress’ resolution “can never change Iraq’s settled national principles.”

He said the U.S. resolution “only aimed to cause Iraq to slide into the pits of a civil war only God knows when it will end.”

“It is the duty of all the national powers (in Iraq) to reject such an insolent resolution and to quickly announce their positions in the face of this trivializing with the sovereignty of Iraq,” he said.

Meanwhile, a media source in the Iraqi parliament said the 11th session of the 2nd legislative term will start on Tuesday to have the first and second readings of a number of draft laws.

Seven clerical and parliamentary powers that have the majority of the seats had called on Sunday for dedicating a session to debate a U.S. resolution that urged the division of Iraq.

The Senate resolution, which won the majority of 75 votes against 23 (including every senate Democrat minus two), provides that Iraq would be divided into three Shiite, Kurdish and Sunni entities with a federal government in Baghdad undertaking the responsibilities of border security and management of oil proceeds.

The Iraqi Sunni and Shia were not the only ones upset with the dangerous US Senate legislation…
The US Embassy in Iraq also ripped the partition plan by the US Senate.

UPDATE: More reaction from Iraq to the Biden Amendment, via Aswat Aliraq:

In its editorial the government-funded al-Sabah newspaper criticized the resolution and Senator Joseph Biden, a Democratic presidential candidate and a primary sponsor of the resolution. Praising several Iraqi factions for their unified stance against the U.S. project, the editorial called on Iraqi politicians and leaders to put their differences aside and concentrate their efforts on building a strong and modern state…

Al-Daawa newspaper, issued by the Islamic Daawa Party- Iraq Organization, highlighted statements by the secretary general of al-Mihrab Martyr Foundation, Ammar al-Hakim, who is also the deputy chairman of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (SIIC), in which announced his categorical rejection of the U.S. project. Describing it as “interference in Iraq’s interior affairs,” al-Hakim said that the resolution violates the sovereignty of the Iraqi state and is strongly disapproved by many Iraqi political forces.

Tareeq al-Shaab, a daily newspaper issued by the Iraqi Communist Party, published an article under the headline, ‘No to dividing Iraq’ by Muhannad al-Barak and another entitled ‘Does the U.S. Congress have the right to divide Iraq and determine its destiny?’ by Adel Abdul Zahra Shabib.

The independent daily al-Mada newspaper highlighted on its front page a fatwa (Religious edict) issued by the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh in which he said that Saudis should not join jihad outside the kingdom, in reference to Saudis fighting U.S.-led forces in Iraq. “Our youth have become a commodity bought and sold by Eastern and Western agencies … they became tools for conducting heinous acts,” the grand mufti said.

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