Emory University IFAW Blowout May Air on FOX News

UPDATE: The O’Reilly Factor on Fax News will cover the Emory University debacle tonight.

This was cross-posted at Incorrect U.

Today- after the blowout from last night at Emory University– I was back on the road heading to Washington DC.

When I arrived I met up with co-conspirator at Incorrect U., Andrew Marcus and we went down by the FOX News headquarters where David Horowitz was being interviewed.


Here’s a photo or two from his interview with FOX News:

Griff Jenkins from FOX News interviews David Horowitz from Front Page Magazine in Washington DC today about Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.

We also found out that FOX News may air the BLOWOUT AT EMORY tonight in its news segments.

Incorrect U has the exclusive video from the Emory IFAW mob attack on David Horowitz.

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