DeCapiGate: Take 2… Another Bogus "20 Headless Bodies" Report

Updated Below- The “20 Headless Bodies” Story Is “Not Accurate”

Didn’t we just go through this back in June?
DeCapiGate: Take 1
“20 headless bodies found” was the headline across the globe in late June.
Then a day later it is discovered that this was just a bogus report.

Now comes…
DeCapiGate: The Sequel
October 29, 2007

“20 headless bodies found” makes headlines across the globe…


In America:

KHALIS, Iraq — Twenty decapitated bodies were found Monday near a police station in Khalis, Iraq, a town just west of Bakubah, Iraqi sources with the Ministry of Interior confirmed. The identities of the bodies are not yet known.

In the Headline News:

Baghdad, Iraq (AHN) – Iraqi police said Monday that they have found 20 headless bodies in north of Baghdad with one believed to be a tribal leader.

The Bodies were found at the Gsrine village close to Diyala province’s capital, Baquba, a local police source said. The source believed the decapitations were recent.

The Discovery of the bodies indicates that the country’s brutal sectarian strife is far from over, despite the military operations between the United States and Iraq.

In China:

BAGHDAD, Oct. 29 (Xinhua) — Twenty decapitated bodies were found north of Baghdad with one of them believed to be a tribal leader, Iraqi police said Monday.

A local police source told Xinhua that the bodies were discovered at the Gsarin village near Baquba, capital of Diyala province.

The source said the bodies were found bleeding, which meant they were beheaded not long ago.

But, wait a minute…
Late last night the BBC reports this:

Meanwhile, Iraqi police denied earlier reports that 20 headless bodies had been found dumped near Baquba.

* * * * *

UPDATE: (Tuesday AM) I just spoke with Maj. Winfield Danielson with MNF-Iraq. After investigating the “20 headless bodies” story, Multi-National Force Iraq has no record that this incident took place yesterday near Baquba (Bakubah).
There is no evidence to back up the story.
Maj. Winfield Danielson gave permission to quote MNF-I.
The story is not accurate.

UPDATE 2: There is still no evidence that this event ever took place.

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