Code Pink Defaces US Marine Recruiter's Office in Berkeley

Code Pink: “US Marine Corps Assas(s)ination Office”

“We are so shocked and horrified that the Marines have come to Berkeley to prey on our children,” said Zanne Joi, a Code Pink member –CBS5.

Code Pink activists deface the military recruiter’s office in Berkeley. (Daily Planet)
CBS5 Berkeley has video of the protesters.

Captain Richard Lund is the United States Marine Corps’ selection officer for the northern Bay Area. Captain Lund wrote “An Open Letter to Code Pink” after the antiwar Socialist group defaced his office in Berkeley this week:


…Next, scrawled across the doorway to my office, you wrote, “Recruiters are Traitors.” Please explain this one. How exactly am I a traitor? Was I a traitor when I joined the Marine Corps all those years ago? Is every Marine, therefore, a traitor? Was I a traitor during my two stints in Iraq? Was I a traitor when I was delivering humanitarian aid to the victims of the tsunami in Sumatra? Or do you only consider me a traitor while I am on this job? The fact is, recruitment is and always has been a part of maintaining any military organization. In fact, recruitment is a necessity of any large organization. Large corporations have employees that recruit full-time. Even you, I’m sure, must expend some effort to recruit for Code Pink. So what, exactly, is it that makes me a traitor?

The fact is this: any independent nation must maintain a military (or be allied with those who do) to ensure the safety and security of its citizens. Regardless of what your opinions are of the current administration or the current conflict in Iraq, the U.S. military will be needed again in the future. If your counter-recruitment efforts are ultimately successful, who will defend us if we are directly attacked again as we were at Pearl Harbor? Who would respond if a future terrorist attack targets the Golden Gate Bridge, the BART system, or the UC Berkeley clock tower? And, to address the most hypocritical stance that your organization takes on its website, where would the peace keeping force come from that you advocate sending to Darfur?

The Code Pink ladies went into the recruiters office to flash their “recruiters lie” signs at the Captain.

In related news… The Army and Marines exceeded their yearly recruiting goals.

MORE… Captain’s Quarters wonders when the democratic senators will pass around a letter denouncing Code Pink for their actions?

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin is calling out for support for the Marines in Berkeley.

UPDATE: Code Pink and Global Exchange founder, Marxist Medea Banjamin, is discussing the incident in Berkeley tonight on Hannity and Colmes.
I will post the video shortly. –The video is posted HERE.

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