Baghdad Security Plan Sees 85% Reduction in Violence Since May

Murders are down in one Baghdad region from 150 each week to 5 each week.

Kirwan, an 11-year-old Kurdish boy from northern Iraq, sits in bed with his mother Bahija, before entering the operating room to undergo emergency heart surgery at an Israeli hospital in Holon, near Tel Aviv October 15, 2007. Two Iraqi children arrived in Israel on Thursday for emergency heart surgery, organized by Israeli-based organization “Save A Child’s Heart”. (REUTERS/Gil Cohen Magen)

More good news for America and bad news for Democrats.
Baghdad violence drops dramatically since May in northwest Baghdad.
MNF-Iraq reported:

CAMP VICTORY, Iraq – A reduction in violence in neighborhoods on Baghdad’s northwest side and an improved security situation are allowing reconstruction efforts and economic gains to flourish, according to the commander of the brigade that has patrolled the area for nearly a year.

The implementation of the Baghdad Security Plan, Operation Fardh Al-Qanoon, allowed the Dagger Brigade to move into neighborhoods with a permanent presence, Burton added, with the end result being an 85 percent reduction in violence in the area since May.

“Of our 95 ‘Mulhallas,’ or neighborhoods—58 of them are now considered under control, 33 remain in a clearing status with violence continuing to go down, and four remain in a disrupt status,” Burton noted.

He said murders in the area, which a year ago occurred more than 150 times each week, are down to an average of five a week.

And, here is another report that Al-Qaeda in Iraq has been routed.


Meanwhile, Bob Owens and Murdoc question the WaPo’s reporting.

Once again, you can count on the Left to spin the news negative.

It looks like the books are not so cooked after all.

MORE… The drop in violence is not good for everyone.

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