Al Qaeda Blast Flattens Mosque in Iraq

Al Qaeda killed 4 women and 3 children in the attacks.

Men pray near the bodies of bomb attack victims in Baiji, 180 km (110 miles) north of Baghdad, October 9, 2007. Two suicide car bombs killed at least 22 people in northern Iraq on Tuesday in attacks targeting a police chief and a Sunni Arab tribal leader, police said. Baiji is a major oil refining centre fed with crude oil and gas from the vast fields under the nearby city of Kirkuk. (REUTERS/Sabah al-Bazee)

Al-Qaeda killers targeted a mosque in Salaheddin Province on Tuesday.
AKI reported:

Police said local police chiefs and Iraqi public employees were the target of twin suicide truck bombings in Baiji, in the Sunni province of Salaheddin, about 210 km north of Baghdad on Tuesday.

The attacks killed at least 22 people and injured 30, including the head of the city of Baiji’s police force, Saad al-Nufus, whose home was damaged when an oil tanker exploded outside it.

Al-Qaeda’s plan was first to ‘take out’ the police chief and then target a nearby mosque that many policemen and civil servants attended, satellite TV network al-Arabiya reported.

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