Woops! Another Illegal Donor For Hillary Clinton- From Japan

The latest Hillary illegal donor is a Japanese businessman named Tendo Oto.

Doug Ross is posting on the latest foreigner to donate to the Hillary Clinton campaign illegally- Japanese citizen Tendo Oto.

Plenty of Bill and Hillary’s pals know Tendo Oto. After all, they met him at the gala Hollywood fundraiser in 2000. Here he is, sitting right behind the Clintons at the Peter Paul concert.

Doug from Upland has more on the illegal donations from Tendo Oto:
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3


Here’s the short version from Free Republic:

It is illegal for a foreign national to be at a candidate’s fundraiser. Oto gave 27 grand to help pay the expenses of the big event. He, of course, has no Social Security number, which is what the Secret Service begins with in the vetting process. They don’t know much about him. There is no time to check the guy out.

Peter Paul tells Bill of the problem. Well, shazaam, that’s not a problem. If he pays, he plays. Let the guy have a good time. It’s not like he’s some shady character who sold missile technology to the ChiComs or was part of the Russian Mafia dealing in black market nuclear technology. Tendo Oto, come on down. How nervous do you think the Secret Service was?

But there are more people coming to the party. Oto has a camera crew from Japan that he wants to use to memorialize his exploits on film. The rules were that no outside news crews were allowed. Again, no problem. The exiting president told the Secret Service to stand down on those folks also.

The Clintons surely remember Mr. Tendo Oto.
Doug from Upland posted this fax to Hillary at Free Republic:

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Doug from Upland is asking Hillary Clinton to give the money back to Tendo Oto.

Willism’s asks: “Is Hillary committing Hsu-icide?”

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