Shocker! San Francisco Beach Loons Back MoveOn!

Well, this is a surprise—
San Francisco loons show their support for in their latest beach protest.

Hundreds of protesters spell out the word “TREASON” in reference to U.S. President George Bush and the war in Iraq in San Francisco, California, September 15, 2007. (REUTERS/Kimberly White)

But, sadly for the democrats, the good general’s good news was too much for the cut and runners this week in Congress– and they know it.

Even, Far-Left democratic operative Susan Estrich sees that General Petraeus put the surrender party in a bind:


He was, to put it simply, good, a man who came across as brave, honorable, and true, and that’s the problem.

It’s a problem if you want the United States to lose.
Typical democrat.
Hat Tip America Freedom

MTC has more on MoveOn’s rhyme without reason.

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