The Republican candidates are debating tonight on FOX News.

They all sound terrific.
Except Ron Paul— What the heck is he still doing on the stage?
He just said- “The neocons hijacked the nation???”

Governor Mike Huckabee just blasted him by the way.


The Republicans need to get him out of there. He does nothing but make a clown of himself.
Get him out of there!

The rest of the candidates look and sound terrific.

Stephen Green at Pajamas Media is liveblogging the debate.

Glenn Reynolds has a roundup.

Michelle Malkin has running updates.
TigerHawk is liveblogging.

Loved Rudy Giuliani‘s answer on Gitmo— “Where are we going to release these dangerous prisoners? LA-NYC? No one wants them.”

The powerful ads by Freedoms Watch are playing during the commercials.
This one was terrific:

Vicki Strong lost her son Marine Sgt. Jesse Strong, in Iraq fighting for our freedom. Vicki believes Victory is America’s only choice.

Victory Caucus is still asking for signatures to support the troops.

Ron Paul is spewing more nuttiness- saying Iran is not a threat.
What is he talking about?

The FOX News audience members liked John McCain.

Here’s a nice clip…
Giuliani on McCain on YouTube.

Ron Paul wins the FOX News post debate poll!
Which reconfirms that these call-in polls can never be trusted.

UPDATE: Another report says McCain and Huckabee shine at debate.

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