Obama Joins Hillary & MoveOn- Alleges Petraeus Lied

Do to the success of the surge in Iraq, President Bush will order 5,700 US troops home by the end of this year.

But, that did not stop Barak Obama from joining the Hillary and the MoveOn.org crowd in alleging that General Petraeus was not honest when he testified to Congress!
Here is Senator Barak Obama’s response to the president’s speech tonight on Iraq:

“It is long past time to end a war that never should have started. President Bush was wrong when he took us to war, he was wrong when he escalated this war in January, and he is wrong to stay the course now… The American people are not going to be fooled by the same false promises of success that got us into Iraq…

That means, of course, that Rudy Giuliani’s ad that will be carried in The New York Times tomorrow now applies equally to Barak as to Hillary:

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Again… Rudy asks:

WHO SHOULD AMERICA LISTEN TO?-A decorated soldier’s commitment to defending America, or Hillary Clinton’s commitment to defending MoveOn.org?”

(Or, Barak Obama’s?)
But, the democrats love the military.

Meanwhile… Harry Reid blames his lack of success on the sick Tim Johnson.

And, Jules Crittenden- “NYT Lies, People Will Die”

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