Muslims Protest Swedish Cartoon- Threaten Artist With Death

Muslim protesters rallied outside of the Nerikes Allahanda newspaper in Orebro, Sweden on Friday, Video from the protest HERE.

In Pakistan protesters burned an effigy of the Swedish prime minister not understading that in the West there is freedom of the press.

Supporters of the Islamic Shabab-e-Milli youth group burn an effigy of the Swedish prime minister in Karachi August 31, 2007. About 20 members of a Pakistani Islamic youth group protested on Friday over a sketch of the Prophet Mohammad published in a Swedish newspaper, witnesses said. (REUTERS/Athar Hussain)

The newspaper is refusing to apologize for the cartoon that depicted Mohammad as a dog.

Pakistani protesters shout anti-Swedish slogans during a protest in Lahore, 31 August 2007. A leading Swedish newspaper on Saturday said the country would not apologize for the recent publication of a Prophet Mohammed cartoon which has inflamed devout Muslims around the world.(AFP/File/Arif Ali)

UPDATE: All Things Conservative has the original cartoon.

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