Muslim Day Parade Organizers Lie About "Grand Marshall" Keith Ellison

Now you see him…

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Far Left Liberal Rep. Keith Ellison, the first (radical) Muslim in Congress, disappears.

Now you don’t…

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For some reason, Rep. Keith Ellison’s photo suddenly disappeared from the front page of the Muslim Day Parade website. He was planning on being the grand marshall of the Muslim Day Parade until Joe Kaufman and Beila Rabinowitz at FrontPage wrote about the Islamic extremists involved with the project.

Charles Johnson reported yesterday that Ellison’s face went missing from the parade website.
So did Americans Against Hate saying:

Joe Kaufman, the Chairman of Americans Against Hate (AAH), stated, “It seems odd that the organizers of the parade would advertise Congressman Ellison’s participation in the parade for nearly a week, if he had no intention of being involved in the event. Regardless, though, we will not be changing our plans to protest both the parade and Ellison.”

The flyer picturing Keith Ellison was posted on the website only last week.

Now… Let Freedom Ring has this article from obviously biased reporter Abdi Aynte (who even had help from Paul Schmelzer) at the Minnesota Monitor:

The freshman Democrat from Minneapolis was never scheduled to be there, said Brian Elliot, district director for Ellison.

Elliot said the congressman “was equally surprised” when he learned the buzz that he would be the grand marshal for the 22nd Annual Muslim Day Parade in New York City, which is scheduled for Sept. 9. Ellison “declined the offer to be the grand marshal a long time ago because he has other obligations in the district,” said Elliot.

The Muslim Foundation of America, or MFA, which has been organizing the parade for 22 years, also confirmed that Ellison won’t be the grand marshal. The group acknowledged seeking the first Muslim in Congress to lead the parade, according to MFA director Ainul Haq.

The story first appeared on the website of FrontPage Magazine, a conservative publication run by David Horowitz and based in California, and was later reprinted widely on conservative blogs and message boards, including Little Green Footballs, Free Republic, and others.

Reached by email, Kaufman didn’t reply when asked if he verified the congressman’s involvement with either Ellison’s office or the parade organizers. Instead he forwarded an event flyer he says was posted on MFA’s website (it doesn’t appear there now) which featured Ellison.

“Apparently they just replaced the flier with an image of a mosque,” he said of the organization’s home page.

Haq denied creating a flyer advertising Ellison as grand marshal.

Haq is a liar!

The flyer from the Muslim Day Parade website it posted above.

Abdi Aynte at the Minnesota Monitor needs to make a correction and apology for her disgraceful reporting.

Let Freedom Ring has more on the Monitor.

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