MISSING HSU FOUND ON TRAIN! Dem Donor Busted… Update: FBI Report

MISSING HSU FOUND ON TRAIN! And, arrested in a hospital. Norman Hsu captured in Colorado!

Norman Hsu, center, leaves a San Mateo County jail with Jason Booth, left, and attorney Somnath Raj Chatterjee, right, in Redwood City, Calif., Friday, Aug. 31, 2007. Hsu, a top Democratic fundraiser wanted as a fugitive in California, turned himself in Friday to face a grand theft charge. After reports surfaced this week of Hsu’s fugitive status in California, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, (D-NY) joined other candidates in returning thousands of dollars Hsu raised. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

Fugitive Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu arrested in Colorado. The San Jose Mercury News reported:

Norman Hsu’s quickly jumpstarted life on the lam came to a screeching stop less than 48 hours after it began when he got sick on the California Zephyr and was nabbed after being rushed to a Colorado hospital, according to the FBI.

The prolific Democratic fundraiser and fugitive was busted at 7 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time by FBI agents from the Denver office, according to Special Agent Joseph M. Schadler in the FBI’s San Francisco office. He was still in St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction – 250 miles west of Denver – Thursday evening, according to Pete Smarr, a nursing supervisor. Smarr declined to say what Hsu was suffering from – other than to report him in custody and in “fair” condition.

Hsu was traveling on Train #6, according to Cliff Cole, an Amtrak spokesman. Hsu boarded the train in Emeryville and was scheduled to get off the train in Denver, Cole said. Cole had no information as to who – if anyone – Hsu may have been traveling with.

Hsu was arrested on federal charges of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, according to a statement released Thursday night by the FBI. He will at some point be returned to California to be sentenced in San Mateo Superior Court in connection with his 1991 conviction, according to the release.

Michelle Malkin says he became ill on the train… Motion sickness, or fear of being identified by a Clinton team member?
Suitably Flip notes Hsu is still listed as a Hillary donor. (page condensed) Is anyone else out there surprised that Hsu was found?… Alive and in the US? Even his spokesman was surprised to hear Hsu was still around:


A spokesman for Hsu seemed suprised by news of the arrest last night. “I haven’t been in contact with him for a couple of days,” said spokesman Jason Booth. “I’m happy he’s been found.”

We all are- Well, except maybe the Clintons and DNC.

HotAir has a roundup on Hsu. More on running Hsu from the WaPo:

Hsu had raised “in the hundreds of thousands of dollars” since January for Clinton’s presidential bid. Now, instead of finalizing plans to headline a Sept. 30 Clinton fundraiser in Woodside, Calif., where Quincy Jones is scheduled to perform, Hsu is under arrest, after being captured as a fugitive. FBI agents took him into custody last night at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction, Colo., the Associated Press learned from FBI spokesman Joseph Schadler.

This was a weak article. It’s hard to imagine that the WaPo does not have better investigators than Mosk and Sullivan…
They completely miss the already discussed dark background of Norman Hsu- including this published at the American Spectator Blog on Wednesday:

In campaign finance reports, Hsu’s companies are listed as: Next Components Ltd., Cool Planets Ltd., Because Men’s Clothes, and Dilini Management. But none of the companies have online footprints or appear in fashion industry directories that I have searched. The only official recognition of any of these companies that I have found is Next Components, in the form of a filing for a certificate of corporation with the New York Department of State, Division of Corporations — but even that doesn’t hold up to closer scrutiny.

The filing was from May 6, 2005, and when I called the Division of Corporations, a representative there told me that the filing needed to be renewed every two years for a fee of $9, but Next Components never responded to the renewal notice. The filing lists 561 Seventh Ave., Suite 1301 as the address for Next Components, but I called Handro Properties, the management company that runs the building, and was told that not only have they never heard of Next Components, but “Suite 1301” doesn’t even exist.

As I reported yesterday, it turns out that an address Hsu listed in his campaign finance filings—455 Fifth Ave.—is the site of the Mid-Manhattan Library. I had a friend of mine who is a real estate broker in New York look into yet another address he listed—160 Wooster St., Apt 3C. That apartment does exist and it’s a luxury 2 bedroom that sold for $1.85 million in June of 2004. However, it was sold again for an undisclosed price on November 15, 2005, and FEC records show that Hsu made political donations from that address both before and after that date. So unless he sold the apartment to himself, it’s another unusual piece to the rather bizarre puzzle that is Norman Hsu.

It’s obvious that The Washington Post is not trying very hard to get to the truth. As Jay Tea says at Wizbang on Hsu- “There’s no there, there!” Then, of course, there is this from KKCO on Hsu’s immigrant status:

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the US State Department Diplomatic Security Service assisted in the investigation.

As Doug from Upland at Free Republic reported earlier- “…It is illegal for a foreign national to be at a candidate’s fundraiser.”

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Norman Hsu Skips Bail Hearing Today! New Warrant Issued!

UPDATE: I just talked with Norma Mestas the spokeswoman for the Mesa County Sheriff’s Department in Colorado. Norma sent the following press release from the FBI:

FBI News Release
United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
450 Golden Gate Avenue, 13th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

For Immediate Release
September 6, 2007

Fugitive Fraudster Norman Hsu Arrested by the FBI

FBI agents arrested Yung Yuen “Norman” Hsu at 7:00 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time today at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado. Mr. Hsu was arrested on federal charges of Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution.

In 1991 Mr. Hsu pled no contest to grand theft charges stemming from an investment fraud scheme, but disappeared before he could be sentenced. After fifteen years as a fugitive, Mr. Hsu turned himself in to the San Mateo Superior Court on August 31, 2007. He subsequently failed to appear for his bail hearing yesterday.

Following Mr. Hsu’s failure to appear, Superior Court Judge Robert D. Foiles issued a bench warrant for his arrest. When it became apparent Mr. Hsu may have fled the state, the California Attorney General’s Office requested the Office of the United States Attorney and the FBI seek a federal warrant for his arrest.

The FBI located Mr. Hsu in Colorado where officers from the Grand Junction Police Department and agents from the Denver office of the FBI took him into custody tonight. He will be returned to California to be sentenced in San Mateo Superior Court in connection with his 1991 conviction.

After Mr. Hsu is returned to state custody, federal charges will be dismissed.

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the US State Department Diplomatic Security Service assisted in this investigation.

Media inquiries may be directed to FBI Special Agent Joseph M. Schadler at 415-553-7450 or 415-725-9143 (mobile), or by email at [email protected]

Norma Mestas
Information and Communication Manager
Mesa County Sheriff’s Office

Norma Mestas also said that Norman Hsu had still not been turned over to the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office.

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