Media & Democrats Surge Against Surge Report

There’s some interesting projection by the liberal media today-
The New York Times headlines:

Hiding Behind the General

President Bush, however, seems to be aiming for maximum political advantage — not maximum clarity on Iraq’s military and political crises, which cannot be separated from each other. Mr. Bush, we fear, isn’t looking for the truth, only for ways to confound the public, scare Democrats into dropping their demands for a sound exit strategy, and prolong the war until he leaves office. At times, General Petraeus gives the disturbing impression that he, too, is more focused on the political game in Washington than the unfolding disaster in Iraq. That serves neither American nor Iraqi interests.

Jules Crittenden thinks The New York Times is holding a surge of their own.

The Washington Post runs another poll, with an over-sampling of democrats, to make sure they get the answers they were seeking:

“Wide Skepticism Ahead of Assessment”

And, even wider skepticiam since they over-sampled democrats for the poll!

If ever there was a doubt that the mainstream media was for this country’s defeat-
look no further than this week’s articles from the major media outlets.

Let Freedom Ring looks at the democrats for Patraeus before they were against Patraeus.

Note: General Patraeus was approved by the US Senate 81-0 less than 8 months ago!
Who changed?… Patraeus or the Dems?

Oh, and Smokin’ Joe Biden visited Iraq this past week and reported that the US troops are doing a good job battling Al Qaeda (Video HERE).

Isn’t that the reason democrats want to leave Iraq? To go fight Al Qaeda?
When did this all stop making sense?

Instapundit has a roundup of Surge News.

UPDATE… Jeff Emanuel reports the facts from Samarra.

Glenn Reynolds is now siding with the peaceniks.

UPDATE 2: This is just sick:

A new poll suggests that democrats are willing to turn the same venomous attacks on military leaders as they did Bush in order to secure their desperation for defeat.

Hat Tip Larwyn

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