Matt Sanchez Joins Debate on Larry Craig & Taliban Democrats

Now, this ought to light up the leftosphere…
Iraqi embed Matt Sanchez joins the debate on Larry Craig at Right Wing News.
Be warned: Sanchez does not hold anything back in this posting.

“Taliban of Tolerance”

An excerpt:


“Senator Craig is caught playing footsies with an undercover police officer in a public restroom, but that’s not what has progressives in an outrage. The Taliban of tolerance are angry the Idaho senator doesn’t support same-sex marriage. According to gay activist, if you’re willing to get physical before you flush, you should also be willing to support the idea of changing the definition of marriage so that aspiring couples can share more than a bathroom stall.

Sanchez is putting himself in the battle zone in Iraq and now back here at home on the political front.
I wonder which one will prove to be more forgiving?
The intolerant left will hate this.

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