Maliki Reports to Iraqi Parliament- Violent Attacks Decline 75%

This didn’t seem to make it into the US news reports this week…
PM Maliki reported that violent attacks have declined 75% since the beginnning of the surge of US troops in Iraq!

In this image released by the Iraqi Government, Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki addresses a daylong conference in Baghdad between officials from Iraq’s neighbors and other Middle East countries Sunday, Sept. 9, 2007. Zebari urged Iraq’s neighbors Sunday to prevent ‘terrorists and killers’ from crossing into his country and warned that the violence in Iraq could spill across its borders into other nations. (AP Photo/Iraqi Government, ho)

The following is a translation by Iraqi-American Haider Ajina from the Iraqi newspaper Almada on Sept 11 2007:

Iraq’s PM Alamaliki reports to Iraqi Parliament ‘Violent attacks decline 75%‏’

Iraqi PM (prime minister) Noori Alamaliki reported yesterday Monday that his government has succeeded in averting a slide into potential civil war. The only option to save the political system in Iraq is national reconciliation.

The speaker of the parliament MP Mahmood Meshhedani opened Monday’s regular session of parliament announcing, “We are hosting today (as requested by a number of MPs, [member of parliament]) our PM to clarify to our citizens who voted for him important details they need to know.”

In the speech given in front of Iraq’s MPs, Almaliki said that Government efforts to insure the national reconciliation plan succeeds have started bearing fruit. There are early successes in the national reconciliation program. This is creating an environment of national reconciliation dialog and an atmosphere of brotherhood and forgiveness. We still have many steps to take and much effort. He added, “We have succeeded in preventing the country from sliding into a sectarian war, which threatened our dear country.” He added, “We have total confidence that national reconciliation is our only choice to make Iraq peaceful and secure. In spite of disruptive efforts from local and foreign groups many successes have been achieved.”

Almaliki then talked about contacts and meetings the government had with parties and individuals of the opposition, these contacts are part of the success of the national unity plan. The government has overseen a number of meetings in and outside Iraq. It has sent delegates to meet with individuals and parties in surrounding countries. The agreement signed by four political parties is a very important step to rejuvenate the political process and give it a boost. We who are part of this political process do not believe in the politics of deceit nor do we want to minimize or marginalize others. The reason for the four party agreement is to create a solid core to protect the political system, and a front to open up to other national groups to joint us in opinions, goals and duties”.

The PM then pointed out the achievements of the support committees formed with local tribal leaders in a number of the provinces, such as Dialah, and Anbar (mostly Sunni). He said, “These committees are one of the most important achievements of national reconciliation. The open dialog and cooperation with the tribes had a strong role in the defeat of terrorist groups and returning areas dear to us to local control. These committees are a successful experiment in defeating terrorists. The PM started reporting on achievements in Baghdad since the beginning of “operation enforce the law” (the surge as we know it) since it started in Mid February until August 14th.

Alamaliki described the advances in security as, ‘The golden key to achieving reconciliation, reconstruction and providing essential services’. He pointed out that areas which used to be described as ‘Hot Spots’ in the capital Baghdad have now returned to normal life. Areas like Alkargh, Ghezaliah, Ameriah, Resafeh, and Mansoor, Adhamiah, Karadeh and Sadar City’.

Alamliki added that 6228 families have returned to their homes in areas, which calmed down. Sectarian evictions have stopped completely after the militias and terrorists were forced to disband, leave the country, many killed and others arrested. The war against terrorists and the outlaws continues. Terrorist activity and sectarian killings have declined by 75% since February (beginning of the surge) compared to last year. The courts were given a strong boost and Justice committees (similar to our Grand juries) have been increased, to make sure the innocent are freed, and to assure proper evidence is presented. We have increased legal investigative committees from 5 to 28 and 3396 of those arrested have been released. The government is working hard to instill strong understanding of human rights. Civil treatment of those arrested and jailed has improved measurably.

The Army and police will be providing security for our students so that normal life can return to our schools and universities. A large number of employees of dissolved government agencies have been hired and 2586 members of the former regime’s security apparatus haven been returned to work in the interior ministry.

Haider Ajina comments:

This report given by the Iraqi PM to the Iraqi Parliament is an example of democracy and the rule of law functioning and functioning well in Iraq. The PM answers the call of the MPs to update the nation on the security situation and what the government is doing to improve the lives of ordinary Iraqis.

The report shows four main elements and improvements. One is national reconciliation. This is definitely on track and heading in the right direction. Second is the cooperation between tribes and MNF-Iraq the Government. In Sunni areas, this has given Sunnis a sense of self-reliance and ownership along with denying the terrorists recruiting and training grounds in Iraq. This frees up our troops and Iraqi security forces to concentrates efforts to better protect infrastructure and better protect public buildings such as schools universities etc. Third, the courts are being strengthened to be more independent and protect its citizens from abuses. Fourth, human rights are being closely observed and oversight committees are given resources to make sure, this continues. All this is possible because of the surge, which started only seven months ago.

Haider Ajina

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