Lunchtime In Zimbabwe

With inflation rates soaring over 7,600%, dining out is no simple task in Zimbabwe…

“Keep the change!”

Andrew sent this photo from Zimbabwe taken by a friend and says there are still a number of white Zimbabweans squeezing out a living in the country. Andrew’s friend writes:

Paying for lunch in Zimbabwe. ( 10th Aug ) Today’s Black Market rate is $340,000 Zim to $1 US; and that’s after we removed three zero’s last year!

Notice the smile on the lady to the left – they still have a sense of humor there. The bales of cash you see are called “bricks”.


Andrew notes, “Everyone in Zimbabwe is a millionaire these days.”

The Zimbabwe legislature is currently planning on placing the majority share of all listed firms in the hands of indigenous blacks. Business leaders fear this will lead to a fall in foreign investment and worsen Zimbabwe’s economic woes.

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