Leading Democratic Group Calls Top General a Traitor

An Absolute Low For Those Who Want Defeat at All Costs!

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Liberal MoveOn.org calls General Petraeus a Traitor!

Pete Hegseth reports at The Weekly Standard on one of the lowest democratic publicity tricks in recent times.
It gives you a clear picture of today’s defeatist party- don’t miss it:

MoveOn.org Calls Petraeus a Traitor

Tomorrow–as General David Petraeus provides his Iraq assessment to Congress–the antiwar group MoveOn.org is running a full-page advertisement in the New York Times under the headline: “General Petraeus or General Betray us? Cooking the books for the White House.”

Let’s be clear: MoveOn.org is suggesting that General Petraeus has ‘betrayed’ his country. This is disgusting. To attack as a traitor an American general commanding forces in war because his ‘on the ground’ experience does not align with MoveOn.org’s political objectives is utterly shameful. It shows contempt for America’s military leadership, as well as for the troops who have confidence in him, as our fellow soldiers in Iraq certainly do.

General Petraeus has served this country for over 35 years with honor, distinction, and integrity. And this is not just about General Petraeus. After all, if General Petraeus is “cooking the books,” then the entire military chain of command in Baghdad, and all the staff, military and civilian, who have been working with General Petraeus are complicit, since Petraeus did not write his report in isolation. They are all, apparently, ‘betray[ing] us.’

MoveOn.org has been working closely with the Democratic congressional leadership –as an article in today’s Sunday New York Times Magazine makes clear. And consider this comment by a Democratic senator from Friday’s Politico: “‘No one wants to call [Petraeus] a liar on national TV,’ noted one Democratic senator, who spoke on the condition on anonymity. ‘The expectation is that the outside groups will do this for us.’

It is funny that just a few months ago this same bunch approved General Petraeus 81-0 in the US Senate.


Today’s Democratic Oath: Defeat at all costs!

Byron York wonders if democrats will surrender to MoveOn.org, too.

More… George Soros sleaze at The Examiner.
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Still More… Congressman Jeb Hensarling responds to the despicable attack by the democratic MoveOn.org group against General Patraeus.

Update: Michelle Malkin is reporting that the GOP is calling on Dems to disavow the haters!
Will they?…

HotAir is tracking the Congressional hearings today in DC.

Update 2: FOX News is reporting on the disgraceful democratic ad.

Update 3: Powerline says MoveOn hits bottom.

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