Koreans Lash Out at Christian Missionaries

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This tombstone about says it all.
One Free Korea has much more on the backlash against the Korean appeasers.

A weak response to a weak response!…
Koreans are lashing out at the released Christian missionaries for “forcing” the government to negotiate with the terrorists and pay them $2 million.

This came after the international outcry against the Korean government for bowing to the terrorists.
Blame it on the missionaries…

The final seven hostages, who had been held hostage for six weeks, were handed over to the International Committee of the Red Cross in two groups late Thursday. (Reuters)


They say it was the missionary’s fault that the Koreans now look like pudding in the eyes of the world!
How pathetic!
The AP reported:

SEOUL, South Korea – South Korea’s relief at the release of 19 countrymen held hostage by the Taliban gave way Friday to anger at the victims themselves, members of a Christian church who are being criticized for ignoring warnings against travel to Afghanistan.

Critics said the group’s actions forced their government into negotiations with the Islamic militants that damaged the nation’s international reputation.

A day after the last hostages were let go, some of the church workers apologized for the trouble caused by their captivity, and a few collapsed when told the militants had slain two male colleagues. One said she secretly kept a diary on the lining of her pants.

With the crisis over, South Koreans turned their focus to what went wrong, who is to blame and what lessons can be drawn from the six-week ordeal. Public anger toward the hostages had been expressed in one form or another from the beginning, and it was rising on Friday…

The apparent ignoring of the warning levied a high price on the government, critics argued, forcing it to deal directly with the Taliban in violation of the international principle of not negotiating with terrorists. Seoul is also alleged to have made a secret ransom payment to the insurgent group, although the government denied it.

Two million smacks to be exact:

According to Japan’s Asahi Shimbun newspaper, South Korea paid 2 mln usd to the Taliban extremists.

Aljazeera reported that $20 million was paid.

Germany and Canada blasted the weak Korean government for stooping to the demands of the Taliban killers.

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