JUNTA FIRES ON MONKS!… Deaths Reported in Burma

Democratic Voice of Burma reported that at least 3 Buddhist monks were killed!
The BBC has video of the chaos HERE.

Around 30,000 people went out to protest today in Burma despite the threats by the military juntaDVB.

In this photo released by the Democratic Voice of Burma, Buddhist monks stand in front of riot police as they demonstrate in Yangon Myanmar on Wednesday Sept. 26, 2007. Security forces fired warning shots and tear gas into swollen crowds of demonstrators in Myanmar’s biggest city Wednesday, while hauling away defiant Buddhist monks into waiting trucks, the first mass arrests since protests in this military dictatorship erupted last month. (AP Photo/Democratic Voice of Burma)

In this photo released by the Democratic Voice of Burma, Myanmar, a fires burn on the streets of Yangon, Myanmar, Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2007, as demonstrators and Buddhist monks in cinnamon robes take to the streets. Security forces fired warning shots and tear gas canisters while hauling militant Buddhist monks away in trucks Wednesday as they tried to stop anti-government demonstrations in defiance of a ban on assembly. (AP Photo/ Democratic Voice of Burma)

The BBC reported:

Thousands of Burmese Buddhist monks and other protesters have been marching in Rangoon despite a bloody crackdown by police. At least one death is reported.
Monks’ shaved heads stained with blood could be seen at the Shwedagon Pagoda where police charged against protesters demanding the end of military rule.

Some marchers started for the city centre while others headed for the home of opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Security forces reportedly ringed six monasteries on the ninth day of unrest.

This is a battle of wills between Burma’s two most powerful institutions, the military and the monk-hood, and the outcome is still unclear, the BBC’s South East Asia correspondent, Jonathan Head, reports.

One unidentified person was shot dead and five received gunshot injuries, Rangoon hospital sources told Reuters news agency.

The demonstrations continued after the attack at Shwedagon pagoda. (DVB)

Bangkok Pundit is following the protests in neighboring Burma.
Pajamas Media also reported on the growing democracy protests.

Noted pro-democracy politician Win Naing was arrested overnight at his home in Yangon.

Security forces fired shots above the crowd. Earlier, soldiers sealed off the Shwedagon Pagoda, the focal point of the recent demonstrations against decades of military rule. Police used tear gas and beat Buddhist monks who tried to enter the shrine. (Euronews)

Novice Buddhist monks run to join a demonstration, Rangoon, Myanmar, Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2007. The monks were denied entry to Schwedaon Phaya and beaten back by government soldiers. An unknown number were arrested as well. After being denied entry to Schwedagon Phaya, the monks continued their march which eventually swelled to over 100,000, including huge crowds of civilians which joined the march and cheered along the road. The monks were blocked from entering any of the main temples in the city during the rest of the march, and shots were fired killing at least one protester at Sule Phaya near the city center. (WPN)

Michelle Malkin has a roundup on the protests and beatdown.

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UPDATE: 4 Deaths are now being reported (AFP):

Two of the monks were beaten to death while another was shot when he tried to wrestle a gun away from a soldier and the weapon discharged, two senior Myanmar officials told AFP. A fourth man, who was not a monk, was pronounced dead on arrival at Yangon General Hospital with gunshot wounds, a hospital source said.

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