John McCain to Code Pink: "We Won't Choose to Lose!"

John McCain spoke to the NRA today in Washington DC.
During the speech he was interrupted by wild Leftists from Code Pink.
Video of his response to this horrible Anti-American group is HERE:

Via Instapundit

Here is part of John McCain’s terrific speech earlier today:

Let’s be clear. If Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or John Edwards are elected President, they will go after the rights of law abiding gun owners — just as Bill Clinton did when he was president., which seems to be calling the shots in the Democratic Party these days, will have more influence on gun control in the Oval Office, not John Dingell. These Democratic candidates voted to ban guns or ban ammunition or to allow gun makers to be sued out of existen ce as Senators. Think how much worse it would be if they had the power to appoint Supreme Court Justices, name Attorneys General and use the full power of the federal government.

In the coming month we will face a fork in the road. We can pursue our opportunity for victory in Iraq, strengthen our hand in the larger war against Isl amic extremists, and make our nation more secure. Or we can fold our tents, embolden our enemies, throw a region into instability, and increase the risks faced on our home soil. Which way requires greater leadership?

Our defeat in Iraq would be catastrophic, not just for Iraq, but for us, and I cannot be complicit in it. I will do whatever I can to help avert it. That is all I can offer my country.

Right on!

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