Iranian TV Plans Blessed Nuke Soap Opera

This comes as no surprise- Iran’s daytime TV to air blessed nuke drama.

UPDATE: More from Mehr News:

Filmmaker Javad Ardakani has recently begun shooting a nuclear-themed drama for a TV series at the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) in Tehran.

The TV series is about a spy network, which tries to transfer nuclear pollutants to Iran, thus providing the necessary evidence for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors to accuse Iran of producing atomic weapons.

Ardakani has spent three years completing the screenplay for the serial, which has been tentatively entitled “Fattaneh”.

“I carried out a great deal of research prior to the writing of the screenplay due to the importance of the theme. I have been consulting several nuclear experts and will continue to do so until the completion of the project,” Ardakani said.

“Iran’s TV and other media have not done a good job of spotlighting the nuclear energy issue. Due to the important effects it has on political, social, economic and security issues, greater attention should be paid to this subject,” he noted.

In the near future the series’ crew will be traveling to the Ukraine and Dubai, to shoot a number of sequences on location.

Qasem Zare’, Majid Moshiri, Ali Qorbanzadeh, Mehdi Sabaii, and Saba Kamali are among the members of the cast of the series which will be broadcast on IRIB’s Channel 1.

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