Iranian Intel Officer & Al Qaeda Leader Killed in Same Iraq Raid!

As General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker were testifying in front of Congress yesterday about Iran seeking to “create a Hezbollah-like force” in Iraq, US forces killed an Iranian Intelligence officer in a raid in Samarra.
US forces also killed an Al Qaeda leader in the same raid!
EarthTimes reported:

Baghdad – An Iranian intelligence officer and an al-Qaeda terrorist network leader in Salahaddin province were killed in a US raid in the city of Samarra, while three people were killed and 13 wounded in another US attack in eastern Baghdad’s Sadr City, sources said Tuesday.

Twelve militants, including the reported Iranian intelligence officer and the al-Qaeda leader Abu Obeid al-Jazaeri, were killed in the US raid carried out Monday in Samarra, 125 kilometres north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, in Salahaddin province, according to an official report.

The unnamed intelligence officer was carrying an Iranian passport, but the report gave no further details.

The al-Jazaeri’s wife was also killed in the operation.

In Sadr City, US soldiers raided neighbourhoods during the early hours of Tuesday, killing three and injuring 13, as US aircraft launched strikes during the arrest of some Mahdi Army militants, a witness told independent Voices of Iraq news agency.

In another raid an Iraqi terrorist detonated his suicide belt during an attack killing himself and a fellow terrorist.

Iran blasted the Petraeus and Crocker reports to Congress today.
Iranian News reported:

Since President Bush visited Iraq recently, the Americans have tried to depict a desirable image of the country which totally runs counter to the realities, he said.

The report is full of lies and contradictions, he underlined. Despite faked reports issued by the US, Iran believed in democracy in Iraq from the beginning and it was the first country to support democratic process in that country, he said.

Also, MNF-Iraq also announced a decline in ethno-sectarian violence since December:

The number of ethno-sectarian murders has declined significantly since the height of the sectarian violence in December 2006. Iraq-wide, the number of ethno-sectarian deaths has decreased by over 55 percent, and it would have decreased much further if it not for the casualties inflicted by barbaric al-Qaeda bombings attempting to reignite sectarian violence.

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