Hsu-nami News: Norman Hsu Linked to China Missile Trader

World Net Daily is reporting today on the links between Norman Hsu and Bernard L. Schwartz, the well known China missile trader:

A shady Chinese megadonor to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has close ties to an aerospace mogul accused of placing his business interests before national security by sharing missile secrets with Beijing during the Clinton administration.

Before his forced resignation last week, Norman Yuan Yuen Hsu (pictured with Hillary) sat on the board of trustees of the liberal New School university in New York with former Loral Corp. head Bernard L. Schwartz, who was allowed to transfer restricted satellite and missile technology to a People’s Liberation Army front after contributing a record amount of cash to President Clinton’s 1996 campaign.

Last November, Schwartz and Hsu chaired a New School banquet at the Mandarin Oriental in New York which featured Sen. Clinton as keynote speaker. Clinton steered a $1 million federal grant to the college.

More recently, Schwartz and Hsu (pronounced shoo) appeared together at the New York Yacht Club for Democratic Rep. Patrick Kennedy’s 40th birthday bash…

All told, 22 Democrat donors were convicted in the Chinagate probe, which the Justice Department officially closed a few years ago.

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Loral’s Bernard Schwartz with President Clinton during a June 1997 Democratic fund-raiser in Washington. (AP File Photo)

Woah!… Even Far-Left Daily Kos is reporting this!
Golem666 at Daily Kos has this on Norman Hsu and Bernard L. Shwartz:


Bernard L. Schwartz, who worked for the chinese shell company that the clintons gave the ballisitc missle technology to after bill clintons re-election put Norman Hsu on the Board of Trustees of the New School in N.Y

hillary clinton ear-marked 750,000 dollars to the new school recently as a pork barrel project.

Bernard L. Schwartz taught the Communist Chinese party how to build ICBM’s which could make it out of the lower atmosphere.

this was one of the main reasons that china was able to destroy a satellite in space this year, touching of fears of a new arms race in space.

because of the technology that the clinton’s gave to Bernard L. Schwartz, who worked with china.

this is all related…

bernard schwarz and norman hsu are both on the board of this school and they work together on several projects outside of the school.

connect the dots, a bankrupt chinese national wanted on a felony of fraud, connected to this individual who gave away national security secrets, working with the chinese government. Suddenly comes into huge wealth and starts donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to the leading democratic nominee for president. it is no accident. Or is it?

since nobody as far as i can tell so far has linked these events, we will have to see how this is played out and what it means.

Edit: it turns out that Norman Hsu has known connections to the chinese nationals who were involved in the clinton scandal of 96. He also has been found by the NY and LA times to have several shell companys that do not exist. On top of this. He had dealings with the Chinese mafia. read below for my update.

An appellate court is set to hear arguments in Paul vs. Clinton case this week.

And… The WaPo reported on another Clinton Campaign Finance Fiasco today.

Michelle Malkin has Bill’s reaction to his wife’s fugitive/shady donors.

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UPDATE- The Chinese military hacked into the Pentagon in June!

UPDATE 2: It’s looking a lot like Chinagate the Movie Part II.
Hat Tip Cornhusker

UPDATE 3: The Stratasphere sees a possible Able Danger connection.

UPDATE 4: Flip has the money totals. HotAir has more on the shady Mr. Hsu.

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