Germany Foils Massive Terror Plot on Frankfurt & US Bases

Two of the Islamic radicals arrested were German converts to Islam– one was from Turkey.
They had all trained at Pakistani terror camps and were arrested with 1,500 pounds of explosives.
The BBC has video of the arrests HERE.

German security officials lead one of three terrorist suspects (L) from a helicopter to Karlsruhe’s federal court. Germany has said it has foiled a “massive” attack with the arrest of three Islamic extremists who were targetting airports, as well as bars and discotheques used by Americans.(AFP/DDP/Thomas Lohnes)

The BBC is reporting:

Three men have been arrested in Germany on suspicion of planning a “massive” terrorist attack on US facilities in the country, officials have said.
Federal prosecutor Monika Harms said the three had trained at camps in Pakistan and procured some 700kg (1,500lbs) of chemicals for explosives.

She said the accused had sought to target facilities visited by Americans, such as nightclubs, pubs or airports.

Defence minister Franz Josef Jung said the men had posed “an imminent threat”.

Media reports said they were planning attacks against a US military base in Ramstein and Frankfurt airport.

National Terror Alert has more on the planned attacks.

Containers containing hydrogen peroxide seized from three terrorist suspects are on display during a press conference in Karlsruhe. Germany has said it has foiled a “massive” attack with the arrest of three Islamic extremists who were targetting airports, as well as bars and discotheques used by Americans.(AFP/DDP/Michael Latz)

SHOTS WERE FIRED during the arrests.
Spiegel Online reported:

The three men were arrested in Medebach-Oberschledorn in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia on Tuesday afternoon. Around 20 police were involved in the arrests, and there are reports that shots were fired. According to the Associated Press, the three men were staying in a vacation apartment. Local newspaper Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine reported that police from Germany’s elite GSG 9 unit had stormed the flat. Raids also later took place in other federal states, according to media reports.

According to information obtained by SPIEGEL ONLINE, the three men were Daniel S. from the state of Saarland and Fritz G. from Neu-Ulm in Bavaria, both of whom are German converts to Islam, as well as Adem Y., who is believed to be from Turkey. The three, who had apparently founded a terrorist cell, have been under intensive investigation for several months. All three men were considered radical Islamists and had contact to Islamist groups in Germany and Pakistan.

Pajamas Media has a roundup on the arrests.
HotAir is also tracking the story.

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