General Petraeus to MoveOn: "I Stand By My Testimony!" (Video)

We learned two things on Monday…
General David Petraeus is the democrat’s worst nightmare and the Iraqi’s best friend.

And… While the democrats were worrying how best to declare defeat for America despite the fact that the Bush Surge is making significant gains in the Iraqi democracy, the voice of the democratic party,, released a volatile ad calling the honorable General Petraeus a traitor.

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This didn’t go over too well as The Swamp reported:

The problem for is that the ad will strike many Americans as extreme and likely turn a lot of people off to its larger message.

As a new New York Times/CBS News poll being reported out today indicates, most Americans have more faith in the military to bring the Iraq War to a successful conclusion than they have in civilian leadership in either White House or Congress.

But the ad is obviously not targeted at the 68 percent of Americans who trust the military to successfully end the war. It’s more for those who want an immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

But that’s not where the majority of people are, according to repeated polls.

Also, the ad makes more headaches for the congressional Democratic leadership who are being put on the spot, with Republicans demanding that they renounce

On Monday night General Petraeus had a chance to respond to the outrageous attacks by the democratic group on his integrity.


General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker were interviewed by Brit Hume on FOX News on the progress in Iraq. During the conversation the despicable attack ad came up.
This is what General Davide Petraeus said in response to the democratic attacks:

“I wrote it (his testimony)… It was my assessment and part of MY recommendations. They were mine not the White House’s assessment… They (MoveOn) came back to an oped piece that I did back in the fall of 2004 reporting how we were doing training, etc. In fact some excerpts of that were used today in the testimony… And, I stand by them. I said simply that we were standing up the Iraqi Army from the bottom up and top down, I laid out the progress and challenges ahead and so on and so forth. And, I certainly stand by them…

Ouch! General Petraeus is a the best thing to hit both Iraq and the Pelosi Swamp in months.
The Surrender Crowd Is Doomed!

Michael Yon agrees with Petraeus.

The Iraqi government welcomed the positive report on the progress of the US military surge in Iraq –BBC.

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Republicans introduced a resolution Monday condemning the disgraceful attacks by the democratic group.

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