General Petraeus: THE SURGE IS WORKING!



US General David Petraeus (L) and US Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker (R) await the start of a hearing before the House Armed Services Committee and the House Foreign Relations Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Petraeus took his place for a pivotal Congressional hearing Monday, as Democrats told him they did not accept claims the current troop surge strategy was a success.(AFP/Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla)


General David Petraeus is testifying today in front of Congress.
The hearing can be seen live at FOX NEWS.

They just had to delay the hearings because of Leftists in the room who couldn’t bear to sit and watch the general testify.

Rep. Ike Skelton says the surge is working… But, that it’s too late:

WASHINGTON — The head of the House Armed Services Committee praised Gen. David Petraeus Monday as the right man for the job of cleaning up Iraq, but said his call to service has come too late in the war to be helpful.

“He’s almost certainly the right man for the job in Iraq, but he’s the right person three years too late and 250,000 troops short,” said Rep. Ike Skelton, D-Mo. “If we had your vision and approach, General, early on, we might not have gotten to the point where our troops are caught in the midst of brutal sectarian fighting without the Iraqi government bridging the political divides that drive the violence.

Petraeus is going over a list of very encouraging statistics from the surge of troops in Iraq.
The troops “surge” in Iraq is improving the security situation in the country, Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, told Congress on Monday- CNN.

Breitbart reports; “Maliki says civil war averted in Iraq”

Glenn Reynolds has a Petraeus roundup.
Backtalk has the charts and figures.
Musing Minds has Tom Lantos’s introductory statement.

Petraeus recommends a 30,000 troop reduction by next summer.

** The Foundation for Defense of Democracies has a worthy petition you can sign to support the troops in Iraq.

MSNBC has video of the code pinkers getting escorted from the hearing.
–One of the antiwar protesters assaulted a cop in the building!

OBAMA can only support surrender, via Daily Kos:

“Changing the definition of success to stay the course with the wrong policy is the wrong course for our troops and our national security. The time to end the surge and to start bringing our troops home is now – not six months from now. The Iraqi government is not achieving the political progress that was the stated purpose of the surge, and in key areas has gone backwards. Our military cannot sustain its current deployments without crippling our ability to respond to contingencies around the world. It’s time for a change of direction that brings our troops home, applies real pressure on the Iraqis to act, surges our diplomacy, and addresses Iraq’s urgent humanitarian crisis. I can only support a policy that begins an immediate removal of our troops from Iraq’s civil war, and initiates a sustained drawdown of our military presence.”

Weekly Iraq Attack Trends:

Deaths in Iraq:

From the Petraeus report today.
It’s going to be hard for democrats to argue it’s not working.
…But, they will.

Petraeus: 80% of suicide bombers are from outside Iraq. -That sorta puts a spear through the “Civil War” argument.

Oooh! Former liberal reporter Michael O’ Hanlon defends Petraeus.
The nutroots are hating him about now!

The Victory Caucus is urging us all to please, call 1-877-222-8001 today. An operator will connect you to your Member of Congress. Please tell them what the anti-war crowd is saying about our brave American commander and our soldiers!
Tell them that victory is America’s only option in Iraq.

Austin Bay offers initial reaction to the hearings today.

Monkey Tennis Centre analyzes the BBC-ABC Iraqi Opinion poll released this morning for maximum effect on today’s hearings.

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