Dennis Kucinich & Syrian President Agree to Stand For Peace

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and Syrian President Assad want peace!

Syrian President Bashar Assad, left, meets with Ohio Congressman and Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich in Damascus on Sunday Sept. 2, 2007. Assad discussed with Kucinich developments in the Middle East and the Syrian American relations, Syria’s official news Agency SANA reported. (AP Photo Sana)

The two leaders agreed to stand for peace.
PR Newswire:

In a meeting today with Dennis Kucinich, US Democratic Presidential candidate, Syrian President Bashar Assad said that Syria would be willing to participate in a multinational conference and peacekeeping force to help Iraq to manage its transition from occupied country to sovereign nation.

Assad made these assurances and other observations in a two-hour meeting with Kucinich, who traveled to Syria to discuss a peace initiative which has arisen out of his anti-war work in the House of Representatives. President Assad agreed with Kucinich that various US demands for the privatization of Iraq’s oil and partition of Iraq would mean a continuation of war.

“We must stand for strength through peace, for a sovereign and unified Iraq. President Assad is willing for Syria to play a significant role in assisting in the stabilization of Iraq,” said Kucinich. “President Assad knows that an international peace keeping and security force must be organized and ready to deploy in order to facilitate the end of the occupation. He understands that the US cannot leave a vacuum in Iraq, but that at the present time the US occupation is fueling the insurgency. He is recommending a parallel political process involving an Iraqi national conference, the disarming of militias, and the building up of an Iraqi army which would eventually takeover from international peace keepers.”

You have to hand it to Kucinich. Where the other democratic candidates just talk about propping up evil regimes- He goes out and makes it happen!


Update: J-Post is now carrying this news on the regime visit.

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