"Cold-Blooded" Murtha Inquisitor- Jason Mattera- Fires Off On Hannity & Colmes

Remember the name– JASON MATTERA!
This kid is sharp!… He was terrific on Hannity and Colmes!

Jason Mattera, of the Young America’s Foundation, went at it on Hannity and Colmes discussing the confrontation he had earlier this week with “Cold-Blooded” Jack Murtha before Murtha redeployed to the elevator.

Jason Mattera put democratic operatives Jane Fleming Kleeb and Alan Colmes in their place. Fleming Kleeb, as usual, was especially annoying during the segment. She excused Murtha for not apologizing to the innocent marines because a couple of the marines still face charges– Yet, it was Murtha who condemned the marines as “cold blooded” killers before the trial even started!


Best Line- Mattera to Colmes: “Why are you carrying water for this man? (Murtha)”

It was predictable that Colmes would attack Gen. James Mattis (who insisted that the charges on a couple of the Haditha marines be dropped) personally, rather than deal with Murtha slandering the troops fighting in Iraq.
It puts that military-bashing MoveOn.org ad and the vote Thursday by 25 democrats to defend it into perspective.

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