Cold-Blooded… Jeff Gannon Confronts Murtha on Haditha (Video)

Murtha Quickly Redeploys to the Next Question.
Washington reporter Jeff Gannon confronts “Cold-Blooded” John Murtha during a Congressional Press Conference yesterday on Capital Hill. Gannon asks Murtha if he will apologize to the Haditha Marines he slandered!
CSPAN carried the press conference and Jeff Gannon has the transcript posted:

JEFF GANNON: In May 2006, you said that Marines killed innocent Iraqis citizens in cold blood at Hatitha. A year later, some of them have been exonerated. At some point are you going to apologize to these men?

REP. MURTHA: The trial’s not over yet.

JEFF GANNON: You’ve spoken out before. You went on national television and called these men “cold blooded killers.”

REP. MURTHA: The trial’s not over yet.

(You may have to turn the sound up some on this clip.)

The Hill described the Murtha as getting red-faced over the confrontation.

Oh… And, for the record-
John Murtha may want to know that the trial for another Haditha Marine is now over.
Charges were dropped today against Capt. Lucas McConnell.


HotAir has video of another uncomfortable encounter for Cold-Blooded Murtha.
Jason Mattera from the Young America’s Foundation does the confronting.

Jeff Goldstein savors the moment.

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