Barry Rubin Releases- The Truth About Syria

In one week…
Another anti-Syrian Lebanese Christian politician is assassinated in Beirut. A massive bomb killed Antoine Ghanem outside of his home in a Christian neighborhood on the outskirts of Beirut. He was the seventh anti-Syrian politician assassinated in the last two and a half years in Lebanon.

This week there was news that dozens of Syrians and Iranians were killed in chemical explosion near Halab, Syria. The Jerusalem Post claimed that, “The joint Syrian-Iranian team was attempting to mount a chemical warhead on a Scud missile when the explosion occurred, spreading lethal chemical agents, including sarin nerve gas.”

In another report this week, the Times of London claimed that Israeli commandos secretly seized samples of nuclear material and took them back to Israel for examination before Israel later blew up the nuke site in Syria.


These were the headlines.
And, it just happened that the news this week did not include stories about Arab suicide bombers making their way into Iraq through Syria or car bombs from Syria blowing up in Baghdad.

All of these stories have one thing in common.
They were coordinated by the evil regime in control of Syria.

Author Barry Rubin, director of the Global Research for International Affairs (GLORIA) Center, recently published The Truth About Syria on one of the most dangerous and influential countries in the Middle East. Rubin describes Syria as a 72,000 mile time bomb waiting to go off.

Barry Rubin describes the the history behind this “powderkeg” of the Middle East. He also talks about the rise of the unassuming ophthalmologist, Bashar Assad. Rubin also discusses the role of Syria in current Middle Eastern terrorism and violence.

As any ordinary observer can see, the Middle East is a very unstable and has been for some time. No country encapsulates the dysfunction of the Middle East more than Syria. Barry Rubin does a great job of pointing this out and then in discussing the many facets of Syria that make it a central player in Middle East turmoil. Rubin has an in depth knowledge of Syria and the role it plays in the Middle East. In his book The Truth About Syria, it becomes clear that this little country has done more to create confusion, poverty and murder in the Middle East than any country its size. After reading the book, how can not marvel at the ignorance of the current Speaker of the House for visiting this regime earlier in the year? This Middle Eastern country is truly one of the greatest threats to Israel and the United States today.
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My brother Joe contributed to this review.

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