ANOTHER ASSASSINATION!!! Bomb Kills Antoine Ghanem!

(Warning: Graphic Photos)
It looks like Syria went to work in Lebanon today!


A car bomb killed Anti-Syrian Christian leader Antoine Ghanem!

Rafik Hariri -February 14, 2005
Samir Kassir -June 2, 2005
George Hawi -June 21, 2005
May Chidiac (attempted assassination) -September 25, 2005
Gebran Ghassan Tueni -December 12, 2005
Pierre Amin Gemayel -November 21, 2006
Walid Eido -June 13, 2007
Antoine Ghanem– September 19, 2007


ANOTHER… Anti-Syrian Lebanese politician was murdered today in a bombing!
A 40-kilogram strong car bomb killed anti-Syrian Christian leader Antione Ghanem and eight others six days before the Lebanese Parliament is scheduled to meet to elect a new president.

Rescue workers rush to help victims after a car bomb ripped through a Christian suburb of Beirut. An anti-Syrian lawmaker was killed in a car bombing in a Christian suburb of Beirut, shaking Lebanon just a week ahead of a crucial election in the divided country.(AFP/Joseph Barrak)

A Lebanese soldier stands next to a body after an an explosion in eastern Beirut September 19, 2007.At least five people were killed in a car bomb attack in the eastern part of Beirut on Wednesday, security sources said. (REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir)

The AP reported:

BEIRUT, Lebanon – A bomb killed an anti-Syrian lawmaker and four other people Wednesday in a Christian suburb east of the Lebanese capital, security officials said.

The blast targeted Antoine Ghanem, 64, a member of the right-wing Christian Phalange Party, said the officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media.

The Voice of Lebanon radio station, which is owned by the Phalange party, also confirmed Ghanem’s death. The identities of the others killed were not immediately known.

The blast also damaged several nearby buildings and set four cars alight- BBC.
The BBC has video (HERE) from Beirut.

An injured man speaks on his mobile after an an explosion in eastern Beirut September 19, 2007. At least five people were killed in a car bomb attack in the eastern part of Beirut on Wednesday, security sources said. (REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir)

Lebanese Ya Libnan News reported that the bomb was placed in the car near his home:

The explosion took place near the home of former president Amine Gemayel close to the Hayek roundabout in Hirsh Tabet of Sin el Fil suburb of Beirut.

Red Cross officials told Lebanese Broadcasting Corp. that 20 people were wounded in the massive blast, which caused a huge fireball and damaged dozens of cars.

Nearby buildings were heavily damaged and broken glass littered the street, near the Librairie Antoine, a bookstore.

MP Ghanem was a member of the Phalangist party which is headed by former president Gemayel. He represented the upper Metn region of Mount Lebanon. He is a Christian Maronite and a member of the anti-Syria Parliament majority .

No details on the type of bomb used in the blast but according to security sources the bomb was placed inside car .

From Beirut to the Beltway says this horrible tragedy was expected:

The pro-Syrian and Hizbullah-led coalition threatened to boycott the session if March 14 used a majority vote to elect a president. Many in March 14 expected political assassinations to precede the election and reduce the parliament’s majority. The Assad regime opposes a president from March 14, and insists on a pro-Syrian president to safeguard its interests and the interests of its allies in the country, including Hizbullah.

As for the Assad regime, it has just reconfirmed to the world, especially to the French, that it does not care about dialogue or open relations with the west.

Syria at work:

A civil defense worker checks on a dead bomb blast victim inside a car in Beirut, Lebanon, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2007. (AP)

Blacksmiths of Lebanon has more photos from the blast today.
Publius Pundit blogger Manuela Paraipan is on the scene in Beirut with photos.

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