Albright: "We need to Withdraw From Iraq & Stabilize Iraq"

Madeleine Albright says, “The US needs to withdraw from Iraq and stabilize Iraq.”

Would someone help explain that one, please.
(It sounds like Madeleine is the latest democrat to have dozed off during the Petraeus report.)

Madeleine Albright was stumping for her pal Hillary Clinton and pushing diplomacy with dictators this weekend in Iowa.
WFTV reported:

“I don’t think I have ever seen the world in such a mess,” Albright said to a packed house at the West Des Moines Community Center.

Albright is advising Clinton on foreign policy and believes the U.S. needs to withdraw from Iraq, stabilize the country, help in reconstruction and use a diplomatic surge.

“Our national security toolbox has a lot of different tools in it, and this administration has basically only used the military tool,” she said in an exclusive interview with KCCI.

We all know how Madeleine’s talks with Kim Jung Il from North Korea turned out last time-
The North Korean dictator violated the agreement almost as soon as it was signed.


Is what we can expect from another Clinton presidency?

I’d take a leader who dances with free people, over one who dances with dictatorsAny day!

Macsmind has more on Madeleine.

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