Will the Real Enemy of America Please Stand Up…

Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi

“The American people are demanding a new direction on the Iraq war not another quarterly invoice. It is time to wind down this war and begin to bring our troops home safely and soon.”

Senator Robert Byrd

“The Congress must not continue to cede its constitutional authority and simply write blank checks for the misguided policy in Iraq. The latest reports of staggering waste, fraud and abuse in the rebuilding of Iraq further highlight the need to take a hard look at this new request from the White House.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki


“Allocation of $50 bln, which comes out of the pocket of the American taxpayers, to the intensification of violence in Iraq and escalation of arms race in the region will not rescue a region which has been entangled with instability, violence and hatred due to the wrong policies of Mr. Bush.”

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