Who Will Remember the Iraqi Martyrs?

IT IS SUCH A SAD TIME for America. After a quarter-century of elite postmodern thought we are stuck with a media that rarely reports on the bravery, courage and goodness of America.

And, because of the mainstream bias against this great nation and the president, this same media refuses to report on the bravery courage and goodness of those Iraqis who are sacrificing for the future of their young democracy. (It might make the president look good.)

But, Iraqis are stepping up to assist their countrymen:

Members of the Concerned Citizens of al Arafia take a minute out of their 12- hour patrol shift to pose for a picture. (MNF-I)
Thousands of brave Iraqis have already lost their lives serving for their young democracy.


Last week there was a report at Multi-National Forces Iraq about a heroic Iraqi who sacrificed his life to save 8 Iraqi civilians and 4 US soldiers.
Today we heard again about this brave martyr:

Here at home, it can be easy to overlook the bravery shown by Iraqi troops and Iraqi civilians who are in the fight for freedom. But our troops on the ground see it every day. Last week, a team of American soldiers was meeting with an Iraqi citizens group near Baghdad. Suddenly, a suicide bomber came running around a corner and headed straight for our soldiers and the Iraqi civilians.

One Iraqi man saw what was happening and ran to intercept the bomber. As he pushed the terrorist away, the bomb detonated — killing both men, but sparing four American soldiers and eight Iraqi civilians. Army Staff Sergeant Sean Kane is one of those who says he owes his life to this brave Iraqi. Sergeant Kane says, “He could have run behind us or away from us, but he made the decision to sacrifice himself to protect everyone.” Sergeant Kane spoke to the Iraqi man’s father, who said that even if his son had known the outcome beforehand, he “[would not] have acted differently.”

The story does not end there. Later that same night, the citizens group contacted the local director of the National Police and told him the location of the al Qaeda cell believed to be responsible for the attack. The National Police immediately conducted a raid that resulted in four arrests.

You didn’t see this on the front page anywhere. It didn’t lead off the nightly news. The American media was too busy trying to paint the recent security successes in Iraq as some kind of failure.

You didn’t hear about this brave Iraqi unless you happened to hear the President’s weekly radio address.

At least he still sees the goodness of America and and the bravery of the many Iraqis sacrificing for their democratic future.
At least someone does.

Iraqi Hero Stops Suicide Attack- Saves 4 US Soldiers

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