Unhinged Tree Care Service

Kesher Talk saw this in a truck in Hoboken, NJ the other day…

Just wondering… Do you suppose this boosts sales for Metro Tree Service?

UPDATE: This guy is obviously not the smartest tree hugger on the block.
George L. sends this-

The phone number on the back window of the Pick Up that beats up
Republicans for Fun comes back to a cell phone

from www.whitepages.com

(908) 240-0257
Type: Cell PhoneProvider: Omnipoint CommunicationsLocation: Somerville, NJ

A phone campaign to contact this guy could rack up quite a bill.

More from G.:


I tried to call the number — was going to interview the guy for my blog, but only got a voicemail. Later on, he called back. The name on his voicemail recording and on my caller id is James F—- which also leads me to believe that is an Irish flag on the truck. He called back several times.

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