UK Cuts Israeli Arms Sales- Lawmakers Urge Talks With Hamas

Great Britain cuts arms sales to Israel by 75% due to human rights concerns.
ADN Kronos reported:

Since 2005 arms exports from Britain to Israel have fallen by 75 percent mostly due to the British government blocking such deals because of concern over human rights violations by the Jewish state, according to a British parliament report.

The reasons cited for curbing British arms exports to Israel also include that they may be used for “internal repression” and “threats to regional stability”, according to the Quadripartite Committee annual report.

Meanwhile… Human rights are not such a grave concern when the Brits are talking about Hamas.
In fact, British lawmakers are urging the government to hold talks with the three most prominent radical Islamic groups in the Middle East.
The People’s Daily reported:

Britain should begin talking directly with three of the Middle East’s most prominent radical Islamic groups – Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood – a committee of lawmakers said in a report released yesterday.

British diplomats should speak with moderate elements from such groups and continue engaging Iran and Syria because their influence can no longer be ignored, Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee said

Mike Gapes, the committee’s chairman, said the lesson of Northern Ireland, where the Irish Republican Army eventually moved away from terrorism and into political dialogue with Britain, should be applied to the Middle East.

“I think from experience in Northern Ireland, you know that sometimes you have to engage with people in a diplomatic way, sometimes quietly,” Gapes, a Labour Party lawmaker, told BBC radio.

The report criticized Britain’s role in the international boycott of Hamas, saying it had contributed to the collapse of the unity government in the Palestinian territories.

Finally the Brits are blaming the Brits for the factional war in Hamastan.
It’s about time.

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