TNR's Beauchamp Recants- Stories Contained Only "Smidgen of Truth"

Beauchamp Recants his bogus anti-military stories!
Michelle Malkin and Michael Goldfarb at The Weekly Standard Blog report:

THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned from a military source close to the investigation that Pvt. Scott Thomas Beauchamp–author of the much-disputed “Shock Troops” article in the New Republic’s July 23 issue as well as two previous “Baghdad Diarist” columns–signed a sworn statement admitting that all three articles he published in the New Republic were exaggerations and falsehoods–fabrications containing only “a smidgen of truth,” in the words of our source.

And with this admission, The New Republic’s credibility goes up in flames!

I was not able to follow the developments to the atrocious military-bashing stories published at The New Republic this past week but several others were on top of the awful soldier fables:

Confederate Yankee reported on the attempted cover-up by TNR.
Today, the army responded to the TNR reports.
And, Democracy Project has this- “In ordinary life, lying is immoral. In the military, in addition to being immoral it is dishonorable.”
Matt Sanchez reports that: “The 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division has concluded that the allegations made by Private Thomas Scott Beauchamp, the “Baghdad Diarist”, have been refuted by members of his platoon and proven to be false.
Bryan at HotAir has a roundup.
Jeff Goldstein analyses the Beauchamp semiotics.

Ace of Spades starts the tongue lashings.

Busted!… New Republic’s “Shock Troops” Shocker Is BOGUS!
MNF-Iraq Responds to The New Republic’s “Scott Thomas” Tales
MNF-Iraq Releases Statement on TNR’s Soldier Stories

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