The Next Senator From Massachusetts!

Er, Beauchamp wasn’t in Iraq but Kuwait; Er, Beauchamp wasn’t in a mass grave of Saddam’s, but he or someone put on his head a piece of skull from a children’s cemetery; Er, Beauchamp’s Bradley wasn’t part of the army of Genghis Khan.

This sounds like a Massachusetts Senator’s trip to Cambodia, his secret cap, and invented description of his fellows.

For more, see here and here and keep laughing at the clown editor of TNR at Memeorandum.


To the point
Geoff at Junkyard Blog:

So all of Beauchamp’s moral decay occurred before he ever saw combat. Before he entered the theater. Before the grind and inhumanity of war had its way with his tender soul.

This story was not about a cynical, war-weary soldier losing sight of humanity – it was about a newbie who had just finished training and was on his way to his first duty station. His behavior wasn’t a result of the hardships of the combat environment – it was a result of his being an innate asshole. A huge, insensitive, loutish asshole.

TNR sure knows how to pick ‘em.

HT:Michelle Malkin’s roundup

More bogus Beauchamp.

Bruce Kesler

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