Sen. Craig Guilty of Lewd Behavior– 1982 Video Added

A Pattern of Lewd Behavior?
Senator Larry Craig was arrested in June in a Minnesota airport restroom by a plainclothes police officer investigating lewd conduct Roll Call reported today.

HotAir has a lewd roundup including this…
Free Republic had this on the senator’s arrest today:

“At one point during the interview, Craig handed the plainclothes sergeant who arrested him a business card that identified him as a U.S. Senator and said, ‘What do you think about that?’ the report states.”

In an ABC News report back in 1982, then US House Rep. Larry Craig issued a preemptive denial regarding any involvement in a congressional sex and drug scandal.
(2 minutes)

There were also rumors during last year’s elections that Senator Craig had approached a male in the men’s room at the Washington DC Union Station.
Today we see that Senator Craig was powerless over this lewd behavior.

Jeff Goldstein sings “Wham!”… No doubt a Freudian slip on George Michaels’ own problems in 1988.

Free in Idaho writes:

If he had pled guilty to punching out some guy who came on to him in a restroom, I might feel otherwise, but that isn’t the story.

Sadly, it isn’t.
Goodbye, Larry.
Gay Patriot thinks Craig should step down.

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